Top Tips on How to Paint a Room

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Painting a room is one of the most straightforward and impactful ways to refresh your home. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a first-timer, a successful paint job is all about good preparation and attention to detail. Here are our top tips on how to paint a room, your step-by-step guide to help you achieve that professional finish.

Preparing the Room

Clear the Area: Remove as much furniture as possible. For larger items that can’t be moved, cover them with drop cloths.

Clean the Walls: Wash walls to remove dust, dirt, and grease spots, ensuring the paint adheres properly.

Fix Imperfections: Fill any holes or cracks with filler, sanding down when dry for a smooth finish.

Tape Off Areas: Use painter’s tape to protect window frames, door frames, and any areas you don’t want to paint.

Choosing the Right Tools

Brushes and Rollers: Invest in good quality brushes and rollers for a smoother finish. Use angled brushes for corners and edges.

Paint Tray: Use a paint tray for an even coating on your roller.

Extension Pole: An extension pole for your roller can save your back and help reach high places.

Selecting the Paint

Colour Choice: Test paint colours in your room at different times of the day as lighting can significantly impact how a colour looks.

Quality Matters: Higher quality paint provides better coverage and a more durable finish.

Finish: Choose the right finish (matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss) based on the room’s function and desired aesthetic.

Painting Techniques

Cutting In: Start by ‘cutting in’ around the edges with a brush. This means painting the corners, ceiling edges, baseboards, and around windows and doors.

Roller Technique: Use the W or M pattern for rolling paint onto the wall. This helps to distribute the paint evenly.

Multiple Coats: Apply at least two coats for even coverage, allowing adequate drying time between coats.


Cleaning Up: Clean your brushes and rollers immediately after use.

Ventilation: Keep the room well-ventilated during and after painting to help the paint dry and to minimize fumes.

Touch-ups: Store a small amount of paint for future touch-ups.

Hiring Hurlingham Painters & Decorators

Sometimes, a professional touch is what you need for that perfect finish. We can not only give you tips on how to paint the room but also offer expertise and finesse that can elevate your room’s appearance. Here’s why you might consider hiring us:

  • Professional Quality: With Hurlingham Painters and Decoraters, you’re guaranteed a high-quality finish. They have the skills and tools to handle all aspects of painting, from preparation to the final stroke.
  • Time-Saving: Painting can be time-consuming, especially if you’re inexperienced. Hiring professionals saves you time and hassle.
  • Colour Consultation: Unsure about colours? Hurlingham Painters can provide expert advice on colour schemes that will best suit your room.
  • Detailed Approach: They pay attention to the minutiae that DIY enthusiasts might overlook, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • Longevity: Professional painters know how to ensure the longevity of your paint job, using techniques that prevent peeling and fading.

In conclusion, painting a room can be a fulfilling project if you’re prepared and knowledgeable about the process. However, for those seeking a flawless, professional finish without the effort, hiring experts like Hurlingham Painters and Decorators is a worthwhile investment. We not only bring expertise but also ensure that your room’s transformation is enduring and exactly to your taste. Whether you choose to DIY or go professional, a fresh coat of paint can significantly transform your space. Happy painting!

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