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Welcome to Hurlingham Painters and Decorators in South West London

As a local business of painters and decorators in South West London and sub-branch of Hurlingham Developments, we offer the highest quality workmanship, painting, and decorating services for your property. From wall and woodwork painting to brick cleaning, our dozens of interior and exterior services will make your home beautiful again! 

Our small but dedicated and friendly team of painters and decorators in South West London pride themselves in their work and strive to achieve the highest standard of service and finish.

We believe in providing excellent customer care, total reliability, and lasting quality. Whatever you imagine for your home, our customisable services and accommodating team can make it happen.

We Make Painting and Decorating Effortless

Personalised, Professional Design Services in South West London

If you’re looking for reliable exterior and interior painters and decorators in South West London to design your dream home, we are here to help. With more than 30 years of painting and decorating experience, our knowledgeable and trustworthy team can bring your vision to life.

We offer both internal and external home design and painting services. No matter the design or repair, our all-in-one painting and decorating services will create a cohesive design flow and stunning curb appeal throughout your home.

Say goodbye to hiring multiple contractors, and wave hello to the diverse experts at Hurlingham Painters & Decorators. We do it all!


We provide interior and exterior decorating services for homeowners and landlords across South West London.

Hurlingham Painters interior Painters and Decorators in South West London

Interior Decorating Services

We collaborate closely with our clients to create their dream homes with internal decorating services.
Inside the home, we offer services such as:

Hurlingham Painters exterior Painters and Decorators in South West London

Exterior Decorating Services

Your home’s curb appeal can significantly impact how you and your guests feel when entering the property. Further, if you choose to sell your home in the future, having a well-kept exterior may increase its value.
Our team can provide you with exterior decorating services, including:

Brick Cleaning

Bring Out the Beauty of Natural Brick

Many homeowners and designers opt for brick exteriors due to their notable durability. Many people forget that without regular care and upkeep of bricks, they can display signs of wear. At Hurlingham Painters & Decorators, we help repair your natural brick to avoid replacing your whole exterior structure.

Our team will manually clean your brick with solvents and techniques that get your brick looking as good as new. We carefully protect sensitive structures like windows and architectural features to avoid damage.

If your brick has been painted over, the subject of graffiti, or if paint accidently dripped on it, we’re here to fix it. We offer brick paint removal services to bring your natural brick aesthetic back.
Regardless of the exterior brickwork you need, Hurlingham Painters & Decorators in South West London have you covered.

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About Us

A Group of Dedicated, Skilled Professionals

Hurlingham Painters & Decorators is part of Hurlingham Developments, a premier property and building development company in Fulham. Established in 2004 by Andy Szumski, a knowledgeable residential developer, the Hurlingham Developments group aims to provide each and every client with a team of committed professionals to make the vision of your dream home a reality. Whether you’re searching for interior wall painting or exterior window refurbishment, our close-knit team is here to help.

What Makes Us Different

Hassle Free Home Painting and Decorating in South West London

Being in business for 18 years requires high reliability, professionalism, and standards. We thrive in providing our customers with great outcomes and good value for their money. By learning exactly what the customer wants, we can provide highly personalised interior and exterior painting and design services. Our satisfactory customer care and consistent and high-quality finished products make us a cut above the rest.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our loyal customers have to say.

What Our Clients Say

Hurlingham Painters Screenshot-2024-02-06-at-14.26.52-2 Painters and Decorators in South West London
Nigel T Fulham

Hurlingham Painters worked hard to complete the painting of the interior and exterior of my house in Fulham and their quality of work was outstanding. It is a real asset to have such good Painters & Decorators in the area.

Hurlingham Painters Screenshot-2024-02-16-at-11.19.04-1 Painters and Decorators in South West London
Basia H Ealing

Hurlingham Painters painted our interior walls and windows to the highest finish. They were professional, efficient, and reliable. We chose them because their mother company Hurlingham Developments renovated our 3 storeys house some years ago and we were very happy with them and the result. Can highly recommend both companies.

Hurlingham Painters Corporate-Headshots-KellyM Painters and Decorators in South West London
Annette M Fulham

Hurlingham Painters team did a great job on interior painting of our home and finished on time, right before the holidays! They were professional, responsive, very good value for money but in same time provided high quality finish.

Hurlingham Painters IMG_7176 Painters and Decorators in South West London
Dominique N Mallet Kensington

Andy and his decorating team helped us to repair and redecorate our whole house in record time last summer. We really value their professionalism, quality of work and punctuality. They worked really hard to meet the deadlines and we feel very thankful for this.

Hurlingham Painters Actor-Headshots-NYC-MichelineWu Painters and Decorators in South West London
Catherine MacNicol Fulham

A great business. Informative friendly extremely professional. Very knowledgeable and reliable. Would highly recommend.

Hurlingham Painters Screenshot-2024-01-25-at-20.08.27 Painters and Decorators in South West London
Mark A Putney

Amazing quality and service! This is the second time we've used Hurlingham Painters and Decorators and will definitely use them again!!!

You Pick the Design – We'll Make it Happen

If you’re a homeowner or landlord in South West London, looking to update your property’s aesthetic, leave it to the experts to bring your dream into a reality. Stop fussing around with do-it-yourself paint projects and inexperienced contractors. Hurlingham Painters & Decorators’ team of remodelling experts will help you get the job done not only properly, but very well! Contact us to discuss your upcoming project today.

Hurlingham Painters Depositphotos_309720696_DSr Painters and Decorators in South West London

Contact us to discuss your upcoming project today.


We offer a wide range of interior and exterior painting and decorating services  including Door, Cabinets, Furniture and Metal Painting, Custom Wall and Surface Painting, Wallpaper Hanging, Woodwork Varnishing and Painting or Replacement, Masonry painting, Brick cleaning, Waterproofing and Drywall and Water Damage Repair.

When choosing your painters and decorators in South West London, it is essential to find someone with a wealth of experience and expertise in the type of work that you require. You can seek recommendations from friends or family members, check online reviews to gauge a painter’s reputation, and ask for references and a portfolio of previous work to ensure quality.

The cost of hiring a painter and decorator in South West London can vary depending on several factors such as the size of the project, the type of work needed.

The duration of a painting and decorating project depends on factors such as the project’s size and complexity and any unforeseen challenges that may arise.

Yes, we offer guarantees or warranties on our work to ensure clients’ satisfaction. 

Definitely! Hiring a painter and decorator can save you time and stress while ensuring that your project is completed to a high standard. Plus, Hurlingham painters and decorators have the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality. So if you want a hassle-free and professional finish, it’s definitely worth considering hiring Hurlingham Painters and Decorators for any South West London projects.